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happiness quartet

I wrote a long series of posts on happiness, a while ago, on this blog. You can search under the tag happiness and you will stumble on 25 steps to happ(y)ness.  My goal was to find 52 steps (as in 52 weeks), and it is never too late to add to the list. Many years… Continue reading happiness quartet

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Life lines

Living in this part of the world keeps you busy with appearances. My entourage never seems to age. I feel like the only one approaching the fabulous 50 on the fast track whereas women around me seem to be stuck between the 35th and 40th round. It is an issue no matter how you deal… Continue reading Life lines


{bake} easy yummy date cake

Baking makes me think of other things... Let me explain... Living these days in Lebanon is worrisome. We are in the middle of an unknown era where each hour can change the lives of too many. Having experienced war since my 5th birthday (born and brought up in Beirut), waiting for the next car bomb… Continue reading {bake} easy yummy date cake