about leelou’z world

Some of you know me by now.. i love to write, but didn’t give it the time it needs the last year..I have been socialising, meeting new fabulous and interesting people, learning to be more outgoing and just enjoying life, surrounded by good people ..

My wish to start this new blog (my old one is http://www.absolutleelou.blogspot.com; where i wrote about my thoughts & exasperation over living in Beirut where chaos is as normal as rain in England!.) stems first of all from the desire to write, to share and to spread good vibes around me.. I have just reached the age of 40, which in my mind was a hurdle with a big H in life. Until the day after my birthday, where i woke up very happy and with a big smile on my face. I saw all the stupid thoughts of not being young anymore vanish. I realised how well surrounded i am now. I realised that i am not rootless because i have established a family and they were blossoming around me. I found out that i have several homes and they are all linked to people i love and miss, and that is not a burden but a treasure. I know that i have skills and that I am a good human being and am learning everyday to become a better person.

So, here  I am, sharing with you great things that i see and live while living… Hope you will enjoy reading as much as i am enjoying writing…

5 thoughts on “about leelou’z world

    • thanx for your comment (the first on my blog!!)… i love your book manouche.. beautiful!!! and i am impressed by your work.. have an idea or two for a cookbook, but find it a bit over-welming to start!

  1. Im a fan … Thank you for sharing with us all that may be important for you …
    Let us have the gift to look through your eyes …
    Good luck … wide doors , shall open ….let the wind blow ..:)

  2. Leelou, I know you for a short time, but I always new you were gifted. I so look forward to reading you. Your smile alone spreads good vibes, dear, I can only imagine your writing. Enjoy it, we look forward to it. Kisses, a bientot.

  3. Dear Mrs. ,
    I do not know you but thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts on this blog.wish you the best and all the support.

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