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have a cup of tea….

my tea collection...

I am a tea & coffee person.. I love my tea first thing in the morning, with milk.. It is soothing and refreshing…..

My first encounter with special tea was when my grandmother took me to her little tea boutique in Copenhagen.. As you enter the store, you are met by a man dressed in a white apron greeting my grandmother by her name; “hello frue Solling” (hello Mrs Solling).. she introduces me as her eldest grandchild who lives in Lebanon (very exotic!).. the sales person who happens to be the owner of this wonderful shop asks my grandmother if she wants the usual blend, which was a mixture of Earl Grey and a pinch of orange tea and Jasmin flowers. I was amazed by the stunning display behind the counter, as if the shop hasn’t changed for the last 40 years. Dark wood, Dark green tins in different sizes with beautiful names.. and huge drawers filled with black loose tea, again with different flavours and names. Going home with my own special blend was a delight. Tea was suddenly something subtle, a drink that had a story.

Years went by and my attachment to this experience didn’t fade away…

One day, i am drinking tea at my friends house, when i stumble over a beautiful round blue tin box decorated with white and yellow flowers. The tin box had a name: Anastasia by Kusmi . Very exotic and romantic. It contained Russian blend of China and Ceylon teas with scents of bergamot, lemon, lime and orange blossom. I fell in love with the tea, its smell, its name and of course with the beautifully decorated tin box. This moment sent me back to the little tea shop and to my grandmother..From that moment, i became addicted to Kusmi Tea (http://www.kusmitea.com/en/), a 140 year old Russian tea.

10 years later, I have more than a few Kusmi Tea tin boxes, ranging from the creamy white to the grass green and the sparkling pink. They are filled with nick nacks and little treasures..

People ask me where I buy Kusmi tea, and until now i need to go to Denmark or ask my sweet husband to buy it from Paris, where Kusmi has opened a fabulous colorful and happy store! To be visited for sure on my next visit!

Until then, have a cup of delicious tea and enjoy the moment…

4 thoughts on “have a cup of tea….

  1. Am sitting right now with my evening cup of Anastasia tea. This was truly love at first sight, sniff and taste. I hardly drink any other kind of tea. Remember to leave room for a couple of cans in the suitcase when you come here. I miss you. Promise to make you a cup of Anastasia tea. Love Mette

  2. You made me crave for a tea ya Bibi, but no Kusmi in the office 😦

    By the way I had once an exclusive tea in a 7 stars hotel in Abu Dhabi with 24 carrat gold leafs in it… To tell you frankly it was damn pale compared to Kusmi, though they claim that it is from the top 1% of the tea leaves. But they included in it “clou de girofle” which was too overwhelming.

    Although Kusmi is a state-of-the-art tea, trust me it tastes better drinking it next to you 🙂

  3. Hi,

    May I share some of my story regarding tea. Well, for me it’s not the taste of the tea. It is how you feel when you started to taste and drink your tea anyway. I think I’m getting addicted to tea. 😉 What do you think . . . is it a sign?

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