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Have fun…

To some of us life is sometimes very long, to other it is very short…

I once had a wonderful chat with Mrs. Jonson, my 85 year old neighbor in Denmark. We were sitting in the common garden of our building talking about life and about her beloved husband with Alzheimer, who was living in a home for elderly as she was not fit to nurse him by herself. Time flies so fast she said. Just a minute ago she got married and got her kids. Now she was turning 85. Sometimes she would wake up in the morning and plan for the day and the week and the month. Oh yes she had plenty of time to live and love. Until she remembered that her body was aging, that she was stiff getting out of bed, and that her husband had lost parts of his brain somewhere in the galaxy, barely remembering her name or who she was.

For a brief moment, she would forget all of that and feel 25 years old and not 85.

And that struck me, because I used to think that old people felt old. They looked old, aged and wrinkled. But that is on the outside, not on the inside. Inside they would feel the same as when they were 25 or 35 or 45….probably her life vision was not defeated by years.  She still had dreams and goals, people and places to visit. Her age was not a reason for not living. And that brings me to the picture about LIFE INSTRUCTIONS…

No matter how old you are, and where you are in life; try to have fun, to be happy, not to hurt others and most importantly keep going and keep hoping for the best…That is the lesson I learned from Mrs. Jonson 25 years ago.

keep walking....


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