“Envie D’Autre Chose”

A woman often wants something else… “envie d’autre chose”…and it is hard to define this “Autre chose”, but it is very much REAL…

Sometimes it is related to a new wardrobe. Sometimes to a change of scenery. Sometimes just wanting to eat or cook something different. Or sometimes seeing a channel on TV in a different language just for the fun of listening to people laughing in Italian or Romanian. Sometimes it is just being somewhere else, in a another dimension with other people, with other smells, with other colours..

Complicated as a Women can be. Reachable and then not. Here and yet not here. Available and yet not.

It all boils down to dissatisfaction with the surroundings. A sort of discrepancy with reality.  Because the woman’s mind always wanders and wonders whether it made the right choice, whether the other choice would place her in a better world, or create more happiness..

If one can remove one self from the current contest and just look around for one moment.. one would soon realize that the discrepancy might stem from the fact that one is not living in the moment but in anticipation of the next and the next… and so we tend to forget to breath and BE right here and now with what we have and just enjoy This.

Hard to live but yet so much more rewarding….

So stop wanting something else for a moment. Take this moment and believe that all IS as it should be.

a moment in time...

2 thoughts on ““Envie D’Autre Chose”

  1. Only recenlty did I come to the conclusion…that this is as Good As It Gets…..live it, don’t just wait for something better and forget to enjoy what you have…..
    So, Leelou, I couldn’t agree more..Biz

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