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440 km of fresh air…

Mount Sanine, stunningly imposing

Yes, we do have fresh air in Lebanon. It is gathered along a 440 km long walking trail, joining north with south in one stretch. The trail is called Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) and is in my opinion, a wonderful project created by great people with vision, determination and a lot of good will.

The idea behind LMT was created in 2002 from a desire to offer an eco-tourism product inspired by the Appalachian Trail in the US: a 2,175-mile hiking trail from Georgia to Maine, a six-month journey that several hundred thru-hikers completed each year. Lebanon offers stunning mountains, plaines, great landscapes, hiking trails, forgotten villages with cultural heritage which are worth showing, enjoying and exploring.

Some of you might think that the trail is only suitable for expert hikers, but not at all. It is divided in sections with maps and cultural spots to visit, some even suitable for families with kids. For lodging you can either book a room at the LMT guesthouses or at hotels, convents and youth hostels spread all along the trail ( a detailed list is found on the LMT website).

So, if you want to discover the true Lebanon, the nature, the villages, the warm hospitality while walking and or biking, visit the website ( and learn more about it and start planing your next trip.

And if you want to help ensure the continuity of LMT, sign the petition, plan a cleaning and blazing hike, read the book “a Million Steps” by Hannah El- Hibri (who walked the entire trail in 2009), adopt a trail, become a volunteer for one day or just start promoting LMT to your friends..

Either ways; spread the good vibes…

Join the group on facebook:!/group.php?gid=5327473063&v=info

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