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salty tears

door to the soul....

A women crying  by the pool is an odd sight.

It was early morning, the sun was not yet burning. It was almost silent. Few women were already laying on their flowery towel, relaxing, enjoying this precious moment of peace. Splish Splash… Someone was swimming. I was appreciating this moment of solitude, where I was by myself, with my thoughts, feeling the heat of the sun slowly entering my body.

Half an hour goes by. I was reading my newspaper not paying attention to the world. I look up and see a women in the pool with closed eyes, resting by the boarder, her head laying on her folded hands. Her body still in the water relaxing. Her yes opened and closed again, I noticed that they were red and watery. Perfectly normal if she was swimming with eyes opened under the water, like I do. Then again, something was odd. She was hiding her eyes now with her hands. For a brief moment our eyes met. And i understood that she was crying. Her tears were rushing down her cheeks.

Funny, I thought; salted tears in salty water.

I was tempted to smile, and ask if she was ok. But then I got shy and didn’t want to disturb her. Was she ill? Was she miserable? Was it tears tears of passion? Did a man make her upset? Something bad happened to her child? Many questions… and no answer.

Another women came to her and they smiled at each other. Probably a friend. she was not alone. I let her be.

That day,  for a brief moment I saw a women crying in the pool. It was a sincere moment. A moment where you enter a private zone. But then again you are left out of it. Very strange and very alive.

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