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when to be zen…

It is funny how sometimes we become enlightened by a single thought caught in the right time. Suddenly it seems so clear and obvious.

Today I was watching Robin Hood (with kevin costner!!) and a special scene where Robin is provoked verbally by his enemy  made me realise that we always have a choice on how we want to react to a provocation (Robin chose not to react on the advice of his friend). Our first reaction might be to fight back, to become angry, to feel assaulted or hurt.   Anger is a typical reaction to the provocation. It comes within. It can make us defensive, aggressive and sometimes unwise or simply sad. Anger can blind us and make us say and do things that we don’t actually mean. All of that simply because another person said the wrong thing at the probably wrong time to us. And we react or overreact to that.

But, we have a choice; not to be influenced, stay detached to that person’s words. Remember: Silence is Gold!

If we let the other provoke us, then we become vulnerable and he or she wins. it is a mind’s game. Instead; try to detach yourself from the situation, stay cool and zen. It is hard exercise but it pays in the end!


One thought on “when to be zen…

  1. Funny you wrote about anger, because the other day I blew up and confronted someone at work which is very out of character. I decided that I am not and never will be a confrontational person. However, remaining dettached is an art few of us truely know how to master! Great reminder thanx Leilaa!

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