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We all know what is right for us, but do we still listen to our inner voice? Not always..

We are born with an inner voice. We know what we want and when we want it.. babies scream when they are hungry, when they are tired, and when they need a hug from mommy. And they usually get what they want because they don’t give up screaming. Easy, no…? Then mommy starts overhearing our screams, or gets irritated, or is busy doing something else … and the baby learns slowly to accommodate other people’s needs, learns to wait, to forget what she wanted… and slowly the baby grows.. the inner voice is still there, but is voiced down.. we are growing up, we are pulling ourselves together, we are not saying what we want as it can hurt or offend people.. so we learn to keep the voice quiet. One day, we can’t hear it anymore… we even forgot that it existed…

This is where we need to go back and listen.. listen to when we are feeling sad and not voicing it.. Listen to when we are frustrated and not acknowledging it. Listen to when something is wrong and the voice tells us to change or to talk. The voice also tells you what makes you happy & when something is right.

It can be scary to listen, because it opens up for certain decisions, thus changing fixed parameters in our life.

I believe in change. Change is good for the soul. Change is crucial to grow, to find happiness, to learn and to teach.

Be courageous and listen.

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