explosion of colours

This word came to me while walking my kids to school this morning. JUDGING… we all judge…all the time… we judge peoples appearances (too fat, or too thin, over-dressed, too shabby, too pretty, too smiley, too stern..etc.), we judge their behavior (too strict, too laid back, too careless, too funky..etc), we judge their materialistic & financial level…and so on… it is a constant wave of comments, a flood of opinions, a non-stop flow of judgment about the other…

Why do we do it? what do we get out of it? How do we feel when we do it? Ask yourself.. you will be surprised by the answer… Many times we formulate opinions that fit into the general “mass-opnion”, that we have heard many times from others, and it becomes a general opinion. We do not question it. We take it for granted.It is easy to follow the crowd…

Other times we forge our own mind, because we ask questions, we talk about a subject, we learn about it, we seek information.

Sometimes we need to comment just to feel better about ourselves.. it reassures us…

But, we need to understand that formulating quick judgments about others can falsely hurt them.

What might be a better idea next time you comment someone’s appearance/behaviour/social status, is to take a deep breath and think one second about the well-being of that person. It will “de-cloud” your judgment instantly. Try it…

My husband once told me: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it!”… I like this.. it creates a better world…


One thought on “judging…

  1. I am going through the same thing as you are .. This is my 2nd month in Beirut and i m trying to be nice with people here but it’s too hard. Everyone has an attitude, or if not there‘s catch!
    Being respectful is considered.. A sign of weakness!
    You’re Lucky having someone to talk to .. im by myself in the jungle 🙂
    You should write something about you interpersonal relations with people of Beirut
    Love your blog !

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