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girls’ cabin

Girls' Cabin


kitchen of the "girls"

Our latest family outing took us 40 minutes drive from Beirut, towards Zaarour, a ski resort at 1300m level. There we found a little cabin , called Koukh al Sabaya, which literally means girls’ cabin. A Must see and visit for people who want to share a good moment in a very funky “restaurant”, where the girls (ranging from age 17 to 50) are serving you boiling tea in a huge metal pot, and excellent manousheh (Lebanese pizza) made of dark flour, and filled with cheese, ham, thyme or Nutella!

popcorn tree; delightful way of recycling popcorn

funky Xmas decoration!

The cabin is the sort of place that you must see to understand its charm; the decor is a melting pot of trompe-oeuil paintings of green fields with charming little kids, popcorn trees, sculpted tables made of the finest trees and shaped into a giant peacock! Not two chairs or tables are alike, and the place has its regular customers winter as in summer!

Definitely a place to re-visit!

a place of its own!

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