My food!


3 colour purple! Freshly picked from the yard of my in-laws in the village of Mtein!

Food is part of my life no matter what I do! Chocolate is my number one craving. All the rest comes second! I love food. I love baking. I love to look at food. The colours, the shapes, the smells. I adore browsing cookbooks. Have loads of them in my kitchen cupboard above the fridge. The funny part is that my own recipes are a mix of my mom’s great dishes, my grandmother’s, my friends and some are taken directly from chefs cooking on TV, such as Nigella Lawson (mmm… ) & The naked Chef (Oliver). I also browse the net, which offers Blogs on food & huge databases of recipes (with comments and grades from people!).

All that inspiration is channeled through my kitchen, where we (my husband and I) love to receive guests and cook for them (yes, he is an amazing cook, a bonus I got after marrying him!).

So, here is a new step in my cooking adventure; a blog on My food, my inspirations and wonderful recipes to share with you (who needs food if not to share with great company?).

6 thoughts on “My food!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I wish I were a little something (for not saying fly where food is concerned) in your kitchen to watch you, you must be so good at it, I am jealous.
    Good luck with your blog, I am a dedicated follower….

  2. Dear Leila
    I never knew that food is your hobby , i would like to share each and every recipee you propose .

    Good luck to the sweetest Leila

  3. Leila, Cooking is a passion for us too, we spend more time in the kitchen lately and of course browsing the books we have. I am happy that we can share ideas, yalla count me as one follower too.

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