the magic of Christmas…

a typical playful elf!

This month is a great month; a special Christmas elf comes to visit us everyday until Christmas day, and brings funny little presents for the younger members of the family. The first day he brought a snowball to each one of my kids; with a name tag.

magical snow ball

My 5 year old daughter looked mesmerised at me and asked with her most serious voice; how did “le lutin” (elf in french) know my name? and how did he find out where i live, and how does he know what i like?

So many intelligent questions from a young and pure spirit. Wishing to maintain this magical moment, i could only answer that Elfs have special gifts, and work very hard to make all children happy, and thus knew every child in and out.

My daughter then replied: but what about the children who don’t have a Christmas tree like ours, and a nice home? how can the elfs find them and still shower them with nice gifts?

My heart melted with pride; she was not too spoiled after all, and had a place in her heart and mind for other people less fortunate than her.

I promised her that we would try to make someone happy this year, someone who didn’t necessarily have a Home; a Christmas tree and Parents to take care of them. She beamed and then gave me the most precious gift of all; a huge hug and a “Je t’adore mammie”.

voila… let us think of others and make a child dream and smile.


3 thoughts on “the magic of Christmas…

  1. How lovely. It seems you have taught your daughter well..she is full of compassion and empathy! This is so special. I hope you keep this post for a long time to come! Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season.!!

    1. It is fascinating to see a child develop and grow…you feed them with loads of stuff and you cannot know the outcome. But this story showed me that i was on track! Thank you for the sweet words!

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