Ikea & Bread!

Needless to say; I LOVE IKEA.

Now that it is said, let me introduce you to my latest founding from Ikea. It is eatable, it comes in a cardboard box and it smells good after an hour in the oven.

Ikea the mastermind behind practical and funky living has created a rye bread mixture that comes in a carton (like milk), where you just add 600ml water, shake it, then pour into a bread pan, and then bake in the oven for 60 nice minutes!

Ikea's Bread Mixture

I tried it this morning, a bit skeptical at first (my idea og baking involves dirty hands and tables), and well, the result is AMAZING. As if i bought the bread from a danish (or Swedish) bakery! The texture is coarse and filled with great stuff (dark flour, seeds, whole grains), the taste is just like my grand mother’s home baked black bread.

So yes, this is a success and worth buying at IKEA and trying!!

Unfortunately for me; Ikea has not yet opened in Lebanon (although rumors say that it is part of a major plan for the middle east). So, until then, please get me the box from any Ikea in the world if you decide to pass by Beirut and visit!!!

Perfect Rye Bread!


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