Shiny Beirut…

twinkle twinkle little star...

Don’t you like strolling in the streets early morning before people and cars fill the space? I do and did this morning at 8 am before meeting a friend for coffee in the new souks of Beirut. All shops were still closed, only cleaning staff  cleaning, shop personal decorating and few security guards exchanging morning news. The place was quiet and magical, as each corner offered a new set of Christmas Trees, blinking lights, colourfull and glittering balls. I was early so i took the time to take few snapshots of the atmosphere, trying to capture the silence and the peaceful moment.

I should do this more often, strolling early morning in the streets and capturing moments…


real Christmas trees!!!
why not?
pretty no?
looks like iced branches.. so lovely!
my glittery santa...

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