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Some Love for the weekend…

“All is you need is Love….tataratata….”

Don’t we all?

We want LOVE  from our partner, from our parents, from our daughters, from our sons, from our friends…Sometimes we get it all in one go, other times we feel “unloved” and become miserable. Don’t be upset when you are not receiving love, because actually you are receiving it, just not in the exact form that you are expecting it. Love is always out there. Open your eyes and see it. Detach yourself  from what you think you need and start noticing the tenderness in your child’s eyes, the smile on the face of a friend greeting you, the phone call from another friend…Because this is also love and affection and attention.

So next time you need more Love, shift your vision and start receiving.

Have a great weekend with your loved ones…

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