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nostalgia and danish Christmas delights

waldorf window stars

Having lived in several countries since birth, I have experienced different ways of celebrating the end of year festivitas, all being very merry and colourful. But as I grow older, Nostalgia takes over and I try to recreate some of the Danish traditions that bathed my 15 years spent in Copenhagen with my family.

My memories of Danish Christmas  start on December 1st with the lighting of the gigantic Christmas tree in the center of Copenhagen. Then follows a roller-coaster of wonderful and eventually stressful events throughout the month of  December; Christmas lunches with colleagues, friends and family (delicious food, lots of snaps (aquavit) and many headaches the day after), Baking days spent creating cookies and marzipan filled sweets,  where the house fills with scents of oranges and Cinnamon, evenings watching the daily adventures of the danish elfes on TV, and mornings unwrapping  treasures hidden by the mysterious elf.

Streets are gorgeous with blinking lights, every window flickering with candles, decorated with paper folded stars and hand-made snowflakes.

It is all about handmade stuff, creating ambiance and warmth, spending time with people, enjoying closeness.

I cherish that and miss it!


So here is some handcraft for you to enjoy and to make at home with your kids, friends and family…

Paper folded stars…

Also I am adding some gift-tags for you to download and cut out, made by Helen Dardik ……

cute gift-tags by helen dardik

Enjoy and let me know what your December is like, I would love to know…



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