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Pomegranate; a fruit with power

Lovely pomegranates

Until recently, I thought Pomegranates (from latin pomum (“apple”) and granatus (“seeded”)) were merely used as Christmas decorations! My mother used to buy them early December and place them as a center piece on the dining room table because they were so beautiful to look at! Sometimes she got more creative and sprayed them with silver or gold, keeping them shiny all year round!

Upon my return to Beirut I then discovered that you could actually eat those decorative fruits! They can be served alone or as an exotic item in green salad! The dark red coloured seeds are a wonderful contrast to the green leaves! The taste is crunchy, sweet and sour at the same time. A delicious treat!


But there is more to this wonderful fruit than looks and tastes: the Pomegranate juice is rich in phytochemicals, substances that have been shown in laboratory studies to inhibit cancer growth and spread. Drinking a glass a day can actually help you fight diseases such as cardio-vascular, prostate cancer, common colds, and diabetes. It is rich in vitamin C and is a strong anti-oxidant.

a glass a day...

For more info and recipes with pomegranates, go to :


and this one for Pomegranate SORBET : http://cafefernando.com/pomegranate-sorbet-for-new-years-eve-dinner-party

Enjoy and start eating and drinking Pomegranate! You will not regret it!


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