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My husband gave me a gift this year; it was not wrapped in glittery paper, not in a colorful box, nor under the Christmas tree. And yet, it was a gift that I would cherish for a very long time. His gift came when I was feeling low, tired and grumpy (this does happen occasionally to optimist me!). We were discussing a personal issue where I was having some trouble dealing with another person. It is not always easy to change our habits, especially when it comes to personal relationships. But with time I have managed to learn and to change few things, and although it is difficult, I can say that the results are positive.

This is where the precious gift comes into life; I was not sure that I was doing any progress when my husband said the following; ” My sweety, you have managed to change deep-rooted habits “the Leelou way” and that is remarkable”.  And by the Leelou way, he meant  being kind, loving, caring, respectful and very patient, by being Me.

This was a revelation for me, as it told me that my way of dealing with people or certain issues can be effective, productive and rewarding, it meant that my way was as good as anybody’s way, that my way was OK. I don’t know how other people think about themselves, whether they are over-confident and sure of themselves, but I know that it has taken me TIME and lots of reflection to arrive to a place where I feel that My Way is fine and OK.

So, thank you husband for letting me know (and reminding me) that the LEELOU way is great, that I just need to continue being myself and believing in me…

Be yourself, that is propably the best way...


5 thoughts on “the leelou way…

  1. I am going through the same thing as you are .. This is my 2nd month in Beirut and i m trying to be nice with people here but it’s too hard. Everyone has an attitude, or if not there‘s catch!
    Being respectful is considered.. A sign of weakness!
    You’re Lucky having someone to talk to .. im by myself in the jungle 🙂
    You should write something about you interpersonal relations with people of Beirut
    Love your blog !

    • thank you for your comment and advice! Lebanon will grow on you, it just takes time to get to know how people think. But there are many “nice” people out there… they will come to you naturally, trust me, I know!! and Good Luck!!

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