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Arabic is a poetic and profound language. Some words are specific and untranslatable but deserve nevertheless a moment of clarification.

Two words we use on a daily basis come to my mind and must be honored; Mabrouk & Naiiman (pronounced Na-Iman).

MABROUK ( مبروك) is in my opinion a fabulous Arabic word. It is a warm, kind, generous word. We use it to congratulate people with their wedding, a new job, a new car, a baby, when they are wearing something new. It means “may you were it/use it/ with joy and luck, may you be blessed with it”. Mabrouk is much more than congratulations, as it involves spirituality and GOD. It genuinely means that we are happy for the other person, and that we wish them well.

wedding cake!

Na-iman is a special word meaning bliss, paradise, richness and luxury! we used it when someone has a new haircut or simply whenever he or she finishes his or her bath or shower! My children always greet me with a “Na-iman mamie” when I come out of the bathroom, it makes me feel special and acknowledged. It gives me attention, warm thoughts and wishes for a better day. Romantic, no?

So, start using those words today, wish the people around you bliss, paradise and luxury! It can only bring out the good in you!

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