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who loves chocolate?

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I do and will always do…It is my first love… (sorry husband, but c’est la verite!!)… I remember being a child and telling my mother that when I grew up I will have enough money to buy all the chocolate in the world, nothing will stop me. If I only knew that my passion would make me fight all my life with the extra kilos! kilos vs chocolate; Chocolate always won.

But chocolate is not chocolate unless it is the best. 3 criterias are a must for my taste: it has to be dark, rich and called Lindt! and believe me, I have tried thousands of different brands, from the most expensive and luxurious brands to the cheapest local brand. My favourite will always be Lindt…Their texture is smooth, soft, sweet, yet bitter, with a touch of caramel (that must be the secret ingredient), especially LINDOR, the red ball.

Merry Christmas with the LINDOR DRESS (1000 chocolate balls; 79,000 calories!)

My second best chocolate will still be from the Lindt family, it is called Excellence and is VERY DARK with a twist of salt (fleur de sel)! amazing combination. I never tire of that dynamic taste, weird I know, but oh so good!

The third best chocolate in my world would be from Belgium, from the LEONIDAS family! My first experience with their wonderfully home-made texture chocolate was from a trip to Paris, in my late teens, with my oldest friend. We were strolling the streets enjoying life and freedom, when she suddenly pulled me in to the Leonidas chocolate shop, that smelled oh so beautifully. I had no idea what to chose, so she just picked 4 pieces, all white. The square pieces were delicately wrapped in a white paper box, with a cream coloured ribbon. The price was quite interesting! It justified the choice of 4 pieces instead of a kilo!

Magasin Leonidas!

We sat outside the shop, on the side walk, opened the box, and gently put one chocolate in the mouth. It was a dream, simply and truly. White chocolate on the outside, and soft coffee and praline mixture on the inside. Just heaven for me. That was nearly 20 years ago. I still ask for Manon from Leonidas from anyone travelling to Paris or Belgium. I get it at least once a year!

"Manon" from Leonidas

Now my kids are enjoying it too…


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