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52 steps to happ(y)ness

Yesterday I committed to postaweek2011 with the blog world!

That means that you are going to read from me on a regular basis, once a week. Wanting to find something challenging to write about, I started reading blogs written by Lebanese writers and by people worldwide. So much to read! So many interesting topics that people want to share, pictures, beauty, moods, food, recipes, moments…It is a rich world for you to grab. Finding one topic that would inspire me all year long was easier than I thought, a topic that you would like to read,  share and comment (yes, comments are important to us bloggers, your feedback keeps us going, inspire us, motivate us). Blogging is an interactive writing mode between the blogger and the readers. It is a two way thing really. Not like writing a book, you read it on your own, maybe talk about it to friends, but seldom do you interact with the author, who would never know your real thoughts about his or her book.

So, my topic for this year will be what we all aspire to be: HAPPY.

And I have few things to say about happ(y)ness. 52 things actually, one thought per week.

So, sit down, read, enjoy, comment and please share the blog with your friends if you like what you are reading!!!

Have a lovely Sunday; we will meet again Monday for the first step to “happyness”.

a fragile word...


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