This image says it all, don’t you think?

When was the last time you had fun? plain old FUN?

I am lucky to have two great  kids that adore having fun, and being with them just make me more funny and creative. Especially when it comes to answering their questions; for example when my 5-year-old daughters is looking for me in every single room of the house, calls me with a voice going crescendo, finally finds me on the balcony watering my plants, looks at me and asks: where did you go?

I look at her with big eyes and answer: I took a space shuttle and went to the moon for a brief moment, but then decided to come back because I was too lonely! My daughter is not sure if I am serious or not, pauses for a second then bursts into giggles… watching her eyes sparkle and her crystal laughter is a moment of pure happiness…

Fun means seeing life with humour, giggling, laughing, and feeling like a bubble deep inside.


6 thoughts on “STEP 1 TO HAPP(Y)NESS

  1. Good morning you early bird! 7:30 your blog was already posted, wow! (the time at the top is not so accurate).
    Well my dear, good luck on your endeavor, and as always I will be following to find with you the steps to happiness.
    See you soon. Bisous

  2. This made me happy. I miss having my younger brother and sister around. Younger children, their eyes so full of awe and wonder, definitely bring a different persepctive to your life. Glad to hear your happy!

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