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3 lovely things

This will be a fixed Friday treat! Inspiration from me to you! I pick 3 lovely (or crazy) things around me and give you something beautiful to look at, to think about or just for the simple fact of sharing and enjoying!

beautiful sea of Beirut, photo by Yann Arthus Bertrand

FIRST thing are the Lebanese fishermen; this picture (by famous Yann Arthus Bertrand) is so vivid and beautiful..fishermen have always been a part of the Mediterranean shores, despite the suspiciously polluted waters of Beirut, you will find them every single day, rain or shine with their long boots, and extra long fish rods. Fish are abundant, but I wouldn’t necessarily eat them!

remains of a genuine Beirut, by me

The 2. crazy thing this week , that made me laugh is this:

Every year, thousands of people take off their pants and ride the subway. In 2011, 24 countries participated in that prank. The purpose of this act? to make people laugh. that is all!!! the group behind them is called Improv Everywhere (http://improveverywhere.com/)… Hilarious!

The 3. thing is called Freedom (http://macfreedom.com/). It is an application you can download from the net. the Idea behind it? to get some freedom from the net while working on the computer without being interrupted by social media, internet, facebook, twitter and so on! For 10 dollars a month, you chose moments where the computer is simply locked and you cannot go online!!! In Lebanon we don’t exactly need this: internet goes on and off on its whim and electricity too, so  we are spared for the grasps of internet on an ongoing basis and without paying a penny!

Great no???

I just love it… the world is crazy!!!


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