step 3 to happ(y)ness

This morning I had a great breakfast with 10 other Danish women, all living in Lebanon, for different reasons. Some are here for ever, some on a limited time because of their husband’s work, some like me are born here in Beirut, traveled the world, lived in different places, only to come back to square one!

We were chatting along, sipping our lusciously made cafe au lait, talking in both Danish & English. The atmosphere is great, soothing, and it made me realize, once again, that being happy is also a moment in time, where you are surrounded by people who care about you, whom you have something in common with, who give you advice, share motivating ideas, who listen to your stories, worries, crazy moods, and who laughs with you.

"tasty" coffee @ Tasty cafe in Hamra, Beirut

An encounter like that leaves you with a good and warm feeling inside.

So, grab the phone and invite a friend for coffee (or tea) Now. You will feel good afterward!

10 thoughts on “step 3 to happ(y)ness

  1. Whenever i go out with my old high school friends, they talk about money, how to do business and more money! They remind me of insurance sales people or the ‘vendeur d’aspirateur’ loll
    And my friends, are almost in their late thirties, with well established jobs and carriers.. But no fun! Probably it’s a male – macho thing?
    Men don’t seem to enjoy themselves here unless they are hopeless, spoiled teenagers with unlimited funding from ‘papa’. And communicating is even more difficult! The oriental male ego, makes them very stubborn!
    Ciao ( :

    • superficial people exist everywhere, male or female… it takes TIME to find genuine people… the secret is to keep meeting people and maybe sometimes giving a chance to some who don’t necessarily fit the mold, who are different… GOOD luck!

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