Friday’s 3 lovely things…

celebration of light

Last Month, My daughter and I went to see Tangled, the 3 D movie. Although it was for kids, I enjoyed every minute of it. The special effects were stunning. And one of the scenes that stuck with me was the celebration of Rapunzel’s birthday by her parents; the kingdom would lit thousands of candles and set them free in the night. The image was so beautiful that i wished I could see in in real life, until I stumbled on this picture on someone’s blog (sorry can’t remember which!). So here it is.

Elephant by Nadim Karam, a Lebanese artist

One of my passions is collecting elephants! I have 41 elephants; in different colours, models, material. Some are in wood, others in glass or metal. Each one is a gift from someone. I don’t remember ever buying an elephant!

But if I must buy one, then this would be it! It is a 1 meter high statue,  made by Nadim Karam, a well known Lebanese designer, and is exhibited at Le Grey Hotel in Downtown Beirut. I just fell for it!!

an old blue carriage at Zouk Mikhael (renovated ottoman pedestrian souk, north of Lebanon)

Our latest family outing was a little trip north of Lebanon to the Kesserwan area, where we had a brief stop at Zouk Mikhael, a lovely pedestrian souk. The weather was stunning for January, springlike. The place was totally empty except for one restaurant where the owner was very eager to serve us. This blue carriage was parked on the side;  remains of old times. A place to revisit in summer time when shops and cafes are booming with people…

have a lovey weekend…


7 thoughts on “Friday’s 3 lovely things…

  1. Love those chinese paperlamps too:) makes me feel like im 7 again!
    Found them ( very cheap ever) last month, and bought some. Promised the girls that we will go up on the roof terrasse, on a warm spring night and let them light up the sky while we watch them dissapear with our wishes attached on little paper notes. I love that idea:)
    Ill tell you where to get them !

  2. I want them , too.
    I heard they have replaced fireworks at weddings here already; the new trend. Didn’t you just LOVE this movie? I went twice with my daughter.
    (Leelou, with your permission, I will quote you / quote Ghandi on my FB page for a reason)

  3. I just watched that movie last night! I too enjoyed it so much..especially the beautiful lantern scene..That photo you have there is absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing us your inspirations for happiness. They are such a refreshing read from many of the things I’ve been reading these days. Cheers to happiness!

  4. I do love the picture with the lights but cant help thinking – who is going to clean up all the debris all over once the lamps fall to the ground somewhere…?? :o)

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