step 4 to happ(y)ness

when was the last time you had a day off? A “real” one?

best place to be, under my grandmother's apple tree...

A day with NO PLANS,  no work, no supermarket, no seeing people…

A day where you are alone. Where you can sit in bed with a good book, or sit behind the computer and browse the net in and out, or take a walk in the neighborhood, letting the streets guide you to unseen places, or watch 6 dvds in a row, or listen to the hundreds of cds that have been in your shelf feeling lonely and miserable… A day where it is OK to just slow down. To stop. To re-focus.

We all need to slow down, to listen to our little voice . It might tell us new secrets, or remind us of  forgotten plans and ideas, or just sooth us.

Today life is hectic, and we forget that sitting and just Being is as important, in order to grow, to move forward, to plan, to know oneself.

So, this step is for those who feel that life is running and that you just don’t know where you are running towards.

This step is for all of us, who need to stop for a moment. In order To breathe. To listen. To BE.

{image from pinterest}


5 thoughts on “step 4 to happ(y)ness

  1. You should know that I just sneaked in to have a look, AGAIN, at the picture you posted. It’s so comfy and serene. It reminds me of Montreal in the summer when I used to go and have my lunch break in the park. I almost forgot how green the world his, except here ) :
    Keep us posted with Happy Things ( :

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