Sumptuous orange cookies

{image from simplerecipes}

Who doesn’t like cookies? Baking them is so easy and healthy (no palm or hydrogenated oil in those treats!).

So, stop buying them at stores, get your friends or kids to help, bake and enjoy with a lovely cup of tea (or coffee)…


125 g butter

1 orange pressed and grated

150 g light brown sugar

200 g flour

2 tsp baking powder

50 g raisins

50 g oats

50 g coconut powder

50 g walnuts chopped

1 tbs poppy seeds


How to

Heat the oven 180 degrees. Use baking sheets for the cookie dough.

Mix well with electrical batter butter, orange juice and peel, until the pastry is smooth.

Add the rest of the ingredients, mix with a wooden spoon.

Using a rounded 15ml-tablespoon measure, spoon out scoops of cookie dough and place on a lined baking sheet, leaving a little space in between each one.

Bake for 12-15 minutes. Let the cookies cool down before placing them in a tin box.

Extra treat: dip the cookies half way in melted dark chocolate. Place to cool on a baking sheet before eating!


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