3 lovely things…

stunning work of art by Peter Callesen

Some artists are impressive, take this one for example;  Peter Callesen. He transforms paper into delicate structures. I am always in awe of people who create beauty out of simple things, like paper.  It is magical. Imagine the time and effort behind each one of his creation. Go  visit his website; it is worth it…

sara, my daughter, calls me a multicolored butterfly.

Another artist that keeps me smiling is my daughter; when she enters my room with something hidden behind her back, I usually know that she wants to show me her latest creation. This drawing was for me, with my name on it, a “rainbow-butterfly” and a girl with flashy red hair (my daughter wants to be red-haired! and she is only 5!). The butterfly is supposed to be me! I love it.. i want to be a rainbow-butterfly… swinging from flower to flower… lovely!

the one and only...

This lovely creature does not need any introduction. She has and is still inspiring a lot of people, her beauty is universal. Her touch of innocence, and her sweetness were unique…Andy Warhol transformed Marilyn Monroe into a timeless icon, and his pop art is definitely on my wish list!


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