3 websites…

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INFO that doesn’t necessarily make you more intelligent, but will add some sparks to your general knowledge, and why not learn something new every day?

TODAYIFOUNDOUT is a cool sight, fun, interesting…/ Read… Learn.. Share…

{image from konfetti}


Did you ever want to visit the best museums of the world? well here is your ticket; Google ART Project; click on the link; choose your museum, start exploring the wonderful pieces of art hanging there.. and why not learn something new about the artist, the place? and share with your kids (if you have any)… or zoom into the picture and look at the tiniest details…who knows? maybe that will inspire you to go get brushes, colours and start creating …

she looks healthy no? at least happy!


A great site is WHOLELIVING ; it offers tips, ideas, recipes for a healthy & green living… visit the site once in a while, you might get inspired to change a habit and spread healthy vibes around you!

If you like my suggestions, tell me and I will find more!

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “3 websites…

  1. You know, I was just thinking how bored I am of reading the same thing over and over..the same blogs, the same industry news, the same world news..Thank you for this! It gives me something to get excited about! And I’m all for learning something new. 😀

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