step 6 to happ(y)ness

The other day my 7 year-old son was miserable, for no specific reason. He came home from school, was upset with me because I was late (1 minute, but in his world it was a very long time), his bag was heavy, he didn’t do well in Arabic class, he didn’t want to walk home (12 minutes).

Upon arrival at home, he kept sulking, was angry with his sister, didn’t want to eat lunch. Went to his room, closed the door and laid on his bed miserable and crying. I gave him few moments, went to him, looked at him, was going to scold him for his annoying behavior, when I suddenly realised that he probably only needed/wanted some attention and love. So I sat beside him, told him to sit up, looked at his beautiful black eyes silently then opened my arms and gave him a huge, warm hug. This little change in my attitude (from anger at his behavior to giving him LOVE) changed him instantly. He suddenly went soft, relaxed, stopped sobbing and started smiling. He was back on track. He was ok again.

That is all he needed. No words, no explanations. No Questions. JUST a WARM LOVING HUG.

{image from pinterest}

So hug along people, it does WONDERS around you…


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