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3 green websites…

lovely greens ~ my grandmother's garden

i am fond of GREEN. Green living, green nature, green projects, green art, green design. And to my luck, INHABITAT is a website that offers regular info regarding all those topics. Click on it, and wander in the land of green design, ideas, projects..impressive the amount of people dedicated to this vision of the world.

If you want to read more about “animal rights, recycling, renewable energy and so on; log on to OUR BREATHING PLANET or follow them on http://twitter.com/#!/OurBPlanet or even become a fan of their page on facebook (my favourite and most interesting) : facebook.com/our breathing planet. I enjoy every piece they research. It is extremely enlightening and inspiring.

And for your green connection in the Arab world, GOUMBOOK will surprised you by the amount of continuous projects that are created in the Middle EAST…

enjoy and please share if you have other great green sites…

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