weekly photo challenge: REFUGE

best place to be for a goat during summer!

Refuge means so many things.. First it got me thinking of a church, a refuge for the soul…Then I thought of an umbrella or a parasol, where we seek refuge from water and heat…

As I was browsing my pictures, I found this fine sweet goat, which was seeking refuge from children and passer-by, during a summer festival in Denmark…I wanted to sit beside it and watch the people walk by…

Mr goat seemed content, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: REFUGE

  1. Absolutely, reminds me of one of my dogs. Her internal clock knows when everyone is the house is supposed to be home; her life experiences have taught her where everyone show be. There is no refuge, no relaxation, no contentment, no refuge for her until we are all in our proper place in her life 🙂

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