after lunch; arabic coffee

This is one of the many coffees I enjoy at some point of the day; Arabic coffee (some people call it Turkish coffee) tastes best just after lunch, where you become a bit sleepy because your stomach is full and working hard on digesting the food. The strong texture and aroma of this coffee should be able to wake you up, and move on during the day. I love the blend with cardamom, it doesn’t need added sugar as the cardamom has a powerful flavour. The coffee is brewed in a metal pot, where you boil 1 1/2 coffee cup water (for 1 person), then add a full teaspoon of grind arabic coffee, stir with a spoon, let the coffee boil 3 times (grandmothers tip), be careful the coffee will foam and rise quickly if on high fire, so use low heat, then pour into a pretty cup and enjoy…

traditional coffee set, {image from Arabian Gulf's photostream}

Coffee has its own charisma, don’t you think?

which coffee type do YOU like? Let me know…


5 thoughts on “coffee…

  1. I’m still trying to acquire a taste for Arabic coffee. I find it quite difficult to digest because it’s so acidic at times! And then other times,,it’s just too thick! For now, I’ll stick to my espresso while everyone enjoys their Arabic coffee..Thanks for sharing tho, beautiful photos!

  2. I had my first experience with Turkish coffee many years ago after installing an electrical outlet for some people. They offered me a cup when I was getting ready to leave, which I accepted. I was a bit taken about at the strong flavor and thickness of the drink and quickly discovered why they serve in a small cup. One can’t drink too much of that if you aren’t used to it. Thank you for the nice post and come check out my online store when you get a moment.
    Thank you,

  3. I am also a coffee lover! When I realize all of the health risk associated with drinking regular coffee, I found a healthy coffee that has the most amazing taste. What brand of coffee do you drink?

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