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3 cooking sites…


I love food, who doesn’t?

lovely food...


Especially anything with CHOCOLATE!!!! or cakes, or pies…comfort food with a big C!

So, for the last years, I have been browsing the net for recipes, and wow, there are millions of them; recipes by known chefs, recipes by people like you and me, recipes gathered and creating stunning repertoires, recipes in french, danish, english…

And yes, i have tried many of them, tasted them, invited my friends to taste them; here are just a few of the sites that I use for the time being:

Cafe Fernando by Cenk, a food blogger from Istanbul, who loves food, cooks a lot, and shares the best with us, check him out.

The food network, a TV channel dedicated to food and famous chefs, many of my favourite like Nigela Lawson, Giada de Laurentiis, Barefoot contessa share their recipes on that site! Delicious!

Williams Sonoma has become an american food industry by itself: Started in 1956 selling french cookware in the US, became quickly famous and now sells cookbooks, cookware, decor, glassware, gives advice in monthly dinner plans, cooking tips and offers wonderful recipes (my favourite part!)…

Enjoy and more to come…





2 thoughts on “3 cooking sites…

    • cooking is great, but you need to share it with someone, or else you will loose interest! so invite friends over and try the recipes… they are pretty much “success proof”!

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