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step 9 to happ(y)ness

Next time you are planning a trip for example to Paris (why not?); you start browsing the net for ideas on which streets you are going to stroll, which gourmet food you are going to eat, what dresses you are going to buy, which exhibition youΒ  are going to see, you start dreaming… and it might take few weeks before you actually are on that plane to Paris.

But during those weeks, you plan, you dream, you make lists, you are enjoying the search. This phase is as important as the trip itself, it is where you build your expectations, your wants, your ideas of what that trip might be like.

The path to your end goal is also part of happiness. You are anticipating, you are using your imagination, you are creating a trip before the trip. And while you are in Paris, you might be thinking of your return to the country, where you will be showing off your new books, dresses, photographs, thoughts, inspirations…

remember to enjoy the ride as well as the end destination…


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