step 10 to happ(y)ness

Remember this song? Listen to the lyrics…very simple and light…

And now, since this is the tenth step to happ(y)ness, Isn’t it time to go back and recap the last 10 steps?  Just to refresh your mind!

1. Remember to have FUN, life is too short…

2. Happiness is HOMEMADE; we are part of our own happiness, we cannot buy it elsewhere…

3. Share a coffee or tea moment with FRIENDS, surround yourself by people who genuinely care about you…

4. Take a REAL day OFF; no commitment, no plans. Just you & yourself…

5. Not happy? CHANGE Something ; find out one thing that makes you unhappy and that you CAN change, & change it…

6. HUG someone; a loved person is a happy person

7. Count your BLESSINGS; remember that if you CAN read THIS, you are more fortunate than 3 billion people…

8. Remove your FEARS, face them one by one and deal with them…

9. Happiness is not only the end of the journey

10. Don’t worry, be happy – sing a song, listen to music…

Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting this post!!!

See you next Monday!!

2 thoughts on “step 10 to happ(y)ness

  1. Thank YOU for the reminder. Though we follow your great posts….dosen’t routine sometimes make us forget how easy it should be to be so happy
    Thanks Leelou and see you soon??
    Have a lovely week

    • MORNING TO YOU!!! routine is a killer sometimes, i must admit, but this is why it is good to have someone remind you of the small things you can do to lighten your day, introduce more happy moments, spread happiness around you and have a better day…yalla lets have that COFFEE!!!

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