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new layout…





I love changes….

I have moved at least 15 times in my life and now that i have lived in our home for more than 2 years, i have THE urge of changing things around me. It is not something i control. It suddenly hits me that the chair that once was perfectly placed by the window would be as perfectly placed by the door. So I change things around me. I like waking up in the morning and feel the sense of Newness in my room (the cupboard is now facing the bed instead of my left).

I tell my husband who does not necessarily share the same urge in moving things, that this is my way of travelling within budget! Being a child of war, I have moved and travelled and left and come back many times. I grew up with that nomadic life rhythm. And it can be sometimes a bit “boring” when life settles around me, our house does not change, the country I live in is the same…So, I change colours of walls, display of furniture and today i suddenly decided to change the outlook of my blog!!!

This is a typical trait of the leelou world. I hope you find it refreshing, as I do….

Do you also have it this way?? would love to know…



5 thoughts on “new layout…

  1. Im sure I would have these urges too, if it wasn’t for my dear husbond, who is totally like you! That somewhat keeps me to the point of being the stability around here:)
    But at times I suddenly have the urge to “girliefy”a living area, add colour to a room, or deal with a practical issue that has been annoying me.
    It usually involves going on a shopping spree at IKEA and buying all sorts of completely “cant live without”-things, or things that solve a practical problem in our household and then Im usually all better once Ive assemblied the new cubbord, shelf, storage-boxes or whatever it is that have made me sane again. Then I feel like the day after a revolution, and smile widely. I would prefer not to paint or do any big remodelling, cause I find it either messy or too much of a bother…lol
    But the best quick fix I know in the world, is going to the flowershop or a nursery and bring home flowers and plants,or to the mountains and bring home plants and rocks from the nature. Thats just the best in the world…according to me :)…lol…instant happiness:)
    Now that spring is around the corner, I bet your little paws are itching to get started Leila…spring and autumn is high season for these things I would recon! πŸ˜‰

  2. Leila, quickly about the layout cause it is time for bed. there is too much “white” and we see very little of the pictures on the sides as we scroll down! I hope it is not my screen!
    And briefely about changes; change for me is a must in my life, one of the things I keep changing most often amongst others is my hairstyle!!!!! Works everytime! , and you know me , I am not vain!, but it works.

  3. great to hear from all of you… and thanx for the comments yasmine! I took the picture of the bicycle and i cut it on purpose, so you just see parts of it.. like a collage! The white background is unfortunately something I cannot change as it goes with the layout of WordPress, i can only change the colour white to red or black!!
    Change is good.. yalla, we should all have a weekly change (hey that is a good idea for a weekly post!)

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