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Mother’s DAY

my mom, brother & I

I believe that we BECOME a mother.

It is not something innate.

It does need its dose of instinct, love, care, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance, responsibility, practicality, planning, suffering, joy, humour, sacrifice, laughter, self-irony, more humour and more forgiveness…

When I was 20, my strongest wish was to have children, I just wanted to be a Mother, to surround myself with 4 sweet angels… the Urge didn’t leave me for many years. 13 years later I became the mother of a boy, and 2 years later of a girl.

The last 7 years have been amazing; full of sleepless nights, of funny moments, of paranoiac thoughts, of thousands kisses and hugs. I can say that I am still in the learning process of becoming a mother; I don’t feel a complete mother yet. What i do enjoy in motherhood is the hugging part, the talking and sharing part, the part where i open their eyes on the beauties of the world, the part where I share my thoughts on humanity. They are still young but oh so receptive and it is an amazing journey to be part of theirs.

I still have loads to learn, but I have a feeling that it is one of the “jobs” that you learn by doing.

I want to add to all of this, that becoming a mother has made me feel what my mother has lived raising my brother and I, and despite our differences (we come from 2 different planets), I know that I am Me because of all she had taught me, because of the hours she spent taking care of me, because of her wanting to do the right thing.

me & the kids...

So Mom: HAPPY mother’s day!!!

& I wish all the mother’s in my life to be happy, to be surrounded and to be loved and appreciated…

4 thoughts on “Mother’s DAY

  1. Leelou, dearest, HaPpY MoTheR’s day to YOU, too. Keep enjoying your kids your life and everything that you do….most of all, keep smiling; it is so contageous. Bisous

  2. happy mother’s day to you Leila ,
    Mothers are sweet like cherry candy, there are good at evening and so handy, thanks for all they do, we love them.


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