Leelouz Table

March seasonal food…& leek soup

Do you want to lessen your burden on the environment? Then try eating vegetables and fruits from their proper season.

During the month of March we can find following foods:

march food

Basically make soups and lots of salads…and pies…eat more vegetables and less meat for a little while, it will clean your body and make you feel lighter and more energetic…

Here is a leak and potato soup, easy and quick to make:


3 big leeks, washed and cut into rounds

1 big red onion (shopped or cut into chunks /use any onion, but this one looks nice in the pot!)

2 spring onions (shopped)

2 big potatoes (peeled and cut into dices)

a handful  (a bit less) of fresh thyme leaves

salt, pepper,

1/2 liter vegetable stock

a spoon butter

The make:

Put everything in a large pot (except the veg. stock), stir over high heat, let the flavours and colours mix/ when the vegetables are getting a little colour and the perfumes are getting strong (that means 5-7 minutes), pour the vegetable stock over, lower the heat and cook for another 20 minutes with a lid.

You can either eat the soup as is or mix it with a hand mixer. Both options are nice and tasteful!

leek soup, in the making...



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