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Few nights ago, a friend of mine created a gathering at her place where a Lebanese coach in sales and strategy (Samir Zehil) offered us a lecture on New patterns of thinking and Goal setting. As much as all of what he said sounded familiar (he actually mentioned the fact that coaches reveal to people what they already know), it was kind of challenging and interesting to listen to.

Being a person who always have lists, ideas, goals, projects in the hat; I needed to understand the pattern for a successful goal setting, achievement of projects. And here are some simple principles (that made sense to me) that should be shared with you, as I am sure that I am not the only one struggling with fifty thousand things to achieve!

  • 87% of success comes from character (the rest from techniques); i.e. diplomas and degrees are very nice but not the only ingredients in a successful venture
  • A good character knows how to deal with people that cannot fight back & who are not necessarily doing you any good in return
  • Seeing the good in a situation and person, being able to forgive and to get along with all sorts of people show a Healthy Personality
  • Expecting the best from oneself and from others make us Give the best of ourselves (this is actually proven!)
  • Successful projects need problem solving thinking & an outlook towards the future (not dwelling about the past, failure and what has been)
  • To move forward it is important to look a bit back and see what we have learned

For successful goal setting, 4 principles must be in focus:

  • You need an intense burning desire (if not then forget it, your goal will never be met)
  • The goal must be Challenging & realistic (you cannot lose 5 kilos in 1 week!!! But you could lose 5 kilos in 2 months!)
  • Write down your goals, and have them in front of you always! We tend to easily forget and move on
  • Measure your achievement (step by step)

This board summarizes it very well!!! Happy Goal setting….



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