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step 12 to happ(y)ness


This one is tough; but oh so true; LET GO; DETACH…

Take for example things in your house; some of them are just there because they are needed and practical, some are donated or given by friends, some you have purchased yourself and picked with care…One day a clumsy guest arrives and something brakes in your home, non-voluntarily of course. You are upset, the thing that broke was something that you cherished, or was part of a set, or simply was beautiful. For whatever reason; you are upset. Don’t be.

This is the part where we can change our attitude to things, we can learn to detach ourselves from them, we can like them, yes, but not be passionate about them, because one day, someone might brake it, take it from you, destroy it…and you will feel upset about it.

I have moved 15 times in my life and the counting is probably not over; Sometimes I have taken things with me that meant something. But other times like in 1984, Beirut was burning and we were evacuated by the British Navy directly from the shores of Beirut, in helicopters. We were blessed to have a foreign passport. Women and kids everywhere. And here I was, holding my porcelain doll (oh so fragile) and wanting to take it with me on the helicopter. I wanted to hold on something that was from my bedroom, and to my dismay today, my mother thought it was all right. She probably thought that it would bring me some comfort in that crazy moment.  A year later, a friend of mine was playing with the doll, bumped the porcelain head into the table by mistake, and there it was, in 20 pieces, broken beyond repair. I was MISERABLE…

I guess we cannot NOT be attached to our things, but eventually if something happens to them, don’t feel sad or upset. Gather the pieces, and throw them away.

Let go of the things you don’t need, de-clutter, give away to someone who truly needs it, and feel lighter…The less we are attached to things surrounding us, the lighter we will be and in my opinion; and the happier we will get…


6 thoughts on “step 12 to happ(y)ness

  1. Hello 🙂
    Being detached is a wonderful thing, I am sure it is. But are you sure you want to let go of the people you love? Because being detached is what it litterally means: it means that you need to let go of things and of people. Are you sure you can do that? Are you sure you can let go of what you considered to be the whole world for you? Are you sure you can simply let it go, leave it where it is and move on? I am trying. I don’t seem to be able to manage doing that. Please keep me posted if you find a way.
    Zeina 🙂

    • hi Zeina,
      I have let go someone that i loved dearly. It was the most difficult decision in my life, but i have no regrets because the relationship was not making me happy and i was “disappearing”. So YES, sometimes you MUST let go. Remember Sting: If you love somebody, set them free….It is not a simple thing to do (it took me 3-4 years to arrive to the point where i was “free”), but you have to keep in mind that we create our own happiness and therefore must remove the parts that are not working in that direction… Good luck Zeina…as Yasmine said; surround yourself by people who genuinely care for you and wish you the best. That is a very good start!

  2. Leelou, finally, ‘have been waiting for a post, seemed like ages since your last one?!?!
    I have moved only 3 times and before every move I am kind of forced to “declutter” and you are so right, it just feels magnificant after doing that, to the point that I make it a habit to declutter on a seasonal basis rather than a “moving country” basis….works everytime! Thanks for reminding me that spring is here and it calls for a declutter….
    And can I just say a word to Zeina; of course you can “detach” from people and you must, especially if they are a bad influence, negative people or people who will just bring you down with them. Just surround yourself with genuine positive people….unless you are out to help someone who needs a push and ready to join your camp. And sometimes letting go of people you love is exactly what you need to do to be able to move on, even if does not look right at the moment. There is ALWAYS a silver lining…. (I hope I am not out of context, just wanted to share my experience on letting go, good luck)
    Big kiss Leelou

    • yasmine! how lovely to read from you.. yes i was not being inspired, therefore not writing, but i am back!!! and de-cluttering on a regular basis is so GOOD!!!! you feel so refreshed and light afterward!!!! I am with you regarding the Letting go of people you love.. sometimes it is necessary to move on…

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