3 places in Lebanon – meet nature!

In Beirut

Fancy a ride on the bicycle? or a run away from cars and pollution? then Biel’s new Corniche is the thing!

A few meters from Beirut Souks, kilometers of walking and bicycling paths, away from the horrible pollution and noise of Beirut. Walking there makes you forget for a moment that you Are in Beirut. The skyrises seem so far away, the sea so gorgeous blue and the sounds muffled and soft. Occasionally you will hear the church bells of Downtown Beirut’s many churches or the “mou-adden” of the many more mosques.

take a ride...

North of Beirut

If you have few hours on your hands, take the car and drive towards Baabdat (20 minutes from Beirut), and find the river below the village…A peaceful place, where pine trees and the river are your only companion. There is a walking trail taking you along the river and back again…Wonderful little outing for family with kids…Picnic is definitely a great idea too!

baabdat, a stroll by the river

All over Lebanon

For the more adventurous, the hiker, the nature lover, walking along the Lebanon Mountain Trails is an experience not to be missed! 440km of trails, linking villages, nature resorts, stunning wild places, from north to south. During april, for 28 days, 150 people will be walking along the trails. They are coming from different parts of the world and even from abroad. Some of them have already made the long walk last year and are venturing again this year, this time seeing everything from the end, as the LMT association decided to start the walk from south to north!

For detailed info, visit their website, call the association (+961 5 955 303), join them, even if it is for a day or a weekend. I promise it will be for an unforgetable experience. The trail can be walked all year long and in separate parts. Guide books are available at all bookstores in Lebanon.

For those of you who can’t walk, but who will definitly enjoy a virtual walk of the trail, buy the book, A Million Steps by Hanah El Hibri. She did the entire through-walk 2 years ago!

book on the Lebanon Mountain Trail


Bottom line: Go out and discover Lebanon! it has a lot to offer, beside skyscrapers, nightlife and politics!


15 thoughts on “3 places in Lebanon – meet nature!

  1. Great post 🙂 The new corniche is a gem that seems very under-used (which is great for the people who do go there). It’s like nowhere else in Beirut-expansive, clean, and perfect for jogging, biking, or just strolling.

    1. i love the corniche, and the new one by biel.. it is easy to get there, kids love it.. and you get a little bit of nature (waves!), while still being in the city.. corniche has its crowd, every hour of the day you will find a different group of people.. very interesting!!

    1. hello, directions for baabdat: take the highway from City Mall in Dora up to Baabdat village. it takes 12 minutes. then turn right when you exit the highway and follow the road to the main square. you can ask anyone how to arrive to the river (its down hill again). Park the car along the river and you will find a trail…Happy walking!

  2. where can i find suitable picnic places for kids rather than picnicland??? please name of places and contact numbers if available. thank u in advance

    1. hello Nancy, Lebanon is full of picnic places, but they are not listed. the best option is to join one of the many hiking groups, that organizes all level hikes including time for picnics. Lebanon Mountain Trail has a booklet available at all Antoine bookstores with all information included. Otherwise look up hiking groups on the net, you will find all their details. Good luck! and enjoy the nature!

    1. Hi MArie Rose, the places I mentioned are free of charge… but you can rent a bike at Beirut by bike if you don’t have one. hope you will enjoy the places..

    2. the LMT trail is not payable, nor are the other places mentioned. however if you wish to sleep in the mountains, or have a guide for the trail, you will need to pay some fee.

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