step 13 to happ(y)ness

{image from pinterest}Did you know that you can measure happiness?

At least there is a will to define what happiness is in the world, to measure it and to compare the results.It started in Bhutan, where king Jigme Singye Wangchuck back in 1972 started defining the 4 pillars of happiness, created a 5 year economic and development plan for his society, leading his people towards achieving higher GNH (gross national happiness). The four pillars of GNH are the promotion of sustainable development,  preservation and promotion of cultural values,  conservation of the natural environment &  establishment of good governance.

It sounds surreal but it is real! An inspiration for our society, don’t you think?

His idea was then taken further by international scholars who then created the 8 general contributors to happiness:

1.physical, mental & spiritual health

2. time-balance

3. social and community vitality

4. cultural vitality

5. education

6. living standards

7. good governance

8. ecological vitality

These aspects permit us to define the general well-being of the society, but in my opinion we can use them on a personal level to define our personal happiness status.

Step 12 of happiness is trying to define different aspects of our life, try to put a number on it from 1 to 5, where 5 is extreme happiness. ( I use 1-5 chart for my kids when they hurt them selves; if they have a 5, then we go to the hospital, a 4 means doctor, a 3 means it hurts a lot but might be better in an hour, 2 and 1 are usually cured with a kiss and a hug).

So here are the areas of life that we can start measuring (this is my personal interpretation):

Mental Health (from depressed & stressed to zen)

Physical Health (from feeling heavy and lazy to fit and energetic)

Spiritual Health (from being confused & miserable to full of faith and at peace)

Work (from hating it to loving it)

Social life (from felling alone to well surrounded)

Personal Growth (from “the world is against me” attitude  to what can i do today to be better)

By putting a number from 1 – 5 on each aspect, you will first of all define the areas where you are ok and happy, and those where efforts should be made to achieve a 5!

Here is my personal happiness status:

Mental Health – 4 /I am cool most of the time, except when i lack sleep and my kids are in a crazy mood!

Physical Health  – 3 / i am way behind on my wish to be fit and running a marathon by november; but it is my goal!

Spiritual Health – 2 / i believe in destiny, but i am a worrier and tend to let scary thoughts invade my mind, stopping me from LIVING fully

Work – 3 / being a full-time mother (after having worked 10 years) is a mixture of hate and love it

Social life – 4 / 10 years to arrive to this point! I needed to change my perception on people, and now feel blessed to be well surrounded

Personal Growth – 4 / I am learning EVERY DAY to be a better person.. it never stops!

So, how does your Happiness status look like??? would love to know!



2 thoughts on “step 13 to happ(y)ness

  1. Leelou! Now that is the best so far! What a great tool! Have to rush to the airport as you know, but definately, definately, definately will answer that one!!! At least to myself…
    (So you are a 20/30???? lol, that is so cool)
    Seriously, it is so realistic your personal interpretation, BARVO
    Gotta rush, a bientot

    1. try to do the math… it has really helped me throughout the years, to learn where to put my focus on…i guess i have to focus on the health part now!!! bon voyage!!!

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