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Beirut nostalgia: Crush

orange crush


For people like me who were brought up in Lebanon in the 80’s, this is pure nostalgia!!!

Although my mother NEVER ever let us drink soft drinks, I still remember drinking Crush!!!

What did you drink as a child?

8 thoughts on “Beirut nostalgia: Crush

  1. We rarely had soda in our house when I was growing up, really only for holidays & special occasions. Even then we didn’t have Coke or Pepsi products, but Faygo which is only available in certain parts of the US. I love their red pop! Occasionally on motorcycle rides I find it in southern Pennsylvania and bring a case home 😉 Otherwise though we had milk, chocolate milk, Kool Aid, and Hawaiian Punch.

  2. Crush reminds me of our days in IPC…wow, the best time, with hotdogs!!
    I can still feel the taste in my mouth :)…My mom used to get us Kool Aid too, in weird colors!

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  4. As a child back in Alexandria, the grown ups around us were drinking SPATIS!! And it was delicious; we would get some on specail occasions. Crush came shortly after…..But Spatis was the big name back then!

  5. Nostalgic? Miranda may have replaced Crush here in Lebanon, but in other countries it’s still sold. In Canada, it’s an extremely popular soft drink that sells well- at least a few months ago, last time I was there

    • i don’t know why crush has a stronger presence in my mind, although miranda was also present back in the 80’s.. crush was like a treat, served only at birthdays!!

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