being a full-time mom!

I truly don’t know how i would have time to have a full time job these days…i stopped being employed (not stopped working!) when my daughter was born, and 5 years have passed since that day! It has been a challenging and amazing time so far. You are not born a mother, you become one, and it takes years of practice, of learning by doing, of making good and bad judgements. I honestly don’t see how some people juggle with 4 kids, being employed, looking pretty and fit, having a night social life with the husband, and a social life with friends and friends of kids! I have met some that are capable, and i admire them! Very inspirational!

However, i chose to be a full time mother, and i am enjoying most of it!! there are times when i wish i just could leave the house and not come back before 7 pm, when the kids are clean, fed and have done their homework! maybe i would miss some of the crazy stuff that i am used to by now!!

and maybe not; maybe i would be coming home with a lot of new stuff to tell my kids.. new energy…

The point is; not being employed does not mean being bored. I truly am busy with 1000 things, and they all keep me busy and happy!

A friend of mine told me today that i didn’t REALLY wanted to work again, or else i would have done it. Maybe. and Yet; I am always seeking for a way of using my skills, my talents, my likes…Writing is one of them…Hopefully this will lead to a pay-cheque at the end of the line!

So, people, whatever you do, try to enjoy it and make the best out of it, working or not working, being a mother or not. Be the best at what you are doing RIGHT NOW!

With this, I say :


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