LIVE SIMPLY; decluttering drawers

we should remember that...

Who does not love a tidy home? where every thing has its place? where nick-nacks are organized and beautifully placed? I know I do..

This morning i decided to venture in my white cupboard, which has 4 huge drawers, and four shelves. The white monster was packed with papers, binders, clippings, shoe boxes filled with a myriad of things i thought i couldn’t live without, kids drawings (thousands!), my writings, DVDs, electrical cords and so on…

For the last month I have been feeling down just passing by the white monster. The whole idea of the cupboard was to get organized and hide all the stuff that I didn’t know where to place…i guess i haven’t thought it all through!

At 8 am I took EVERYTHING out. Started making 2 piles; one with keeps and one with throws (not an easy process, but i kept asking myself “why i need this” and “why I don’t”…). The floor was COVERED. Like a mini tsunami had passed by. Midways I had to stop. sit down. breath. drink water. my eyes itched. my hands were black with dust. i was going to give up. so i put some loud music (jay ho!) and sat for while listening and just relaxing.

The Throw pile went out. The kept pile needed a serious organisation.

4 hours later i was nearly done and got this amazing idea to post this post about decluttering !

Wednesday is decluttering day; you will get a regular post with tips, ideas and pictures…

Today’s tip is about drawers:

1. throw away anything broken that hasn’t been fixed the last YEAR!

2. gather stuff that go together and get small baskets, tupperwares, small glass jars, tea cups that can fit in the drawer where items are separated by functions.

3. Get inspired by these pictures!

doesn't this look organised?
each thing in its place
plastic boxes are amazing
{pic from}
just adorable...


and please share your ideas, as I am a freak of De-cluttering ideas!!!


4 thoughts on “LIVE SIMPLY; decluttering drawers

  1. Isn’t it crazy how as soon as you organize one small section or your room/house you just go on an organizing binge? I do that all of the time! I feel as if I always have things to do, clean, organize! Makes you feel so much better!

    1. crazy is not a strong enough word! now i need to declutter every single drawer, closet, cupboard!!! akh… but we do feel so much better after…it is a light feeling that follows…

  2. I used to be able to sort out my clothes in this simple way: every 2-3 months I sat down with a friend of mine and sorted out my clothes, and if she had not seen me wear a piece of clothing since last time we had gone through my clothes, it had to go!! unless I could justify its survival by at least 1 of the following reasons: A. huge sentimental attachment B. I had actually worn it a day where she had not seen me C. It was a really great garment that had special features or was unique and might be fashionable again within a few years. Voila, it was the push I needed, I was too good at making excuses for the things that I didnt wanna get rid of, but actually never wore. If I wanted to keep it I had to wear it! It was kind of putting an expiry date on the things, to make it easier to part with it! Does not work for me anymore, but it used to:) Maybe it will work for somebody else?!? You ??

    1. it is a great idea.. i did it once with my mom!!! and wow there were loads of stuff in HER cupboard that needed to GO!!!! 🙂 as for me, i am very good with the clothes part, i give away non-stop (love the feeling that someone else can be happy with my stuff).. but the problem is that the cupboard is still full!!!:)

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