Easter & lovely decoration…

The only memory I have of Easter decoration is when we decorated real eggs at my grand-mother’s country house in Denmark. My grand-mother used to prick the eggs at both extremities and we would all sit and blow out the egg yolk and whites out! It was not an easy task and I remember some eggs braking and our faces turning blue!

Hard-boiling them is definitely a better solution.

My grandmother would then hang our creative eggs on a wooden branch cut from the garden and hanged from the ceiling. Away from hands and kids! It was always a lovely sight.

I really would like to have this on my balcony:

pic from The Guardian

or this:

stunning! {image from pinterest}

But I would probably do this:

lovely & simple {image from pinterest}

or this:

pretty! {image from pinterest}

or this:

orange is a great colour for easter! {image from eastertipjunkie}

 DIY projects

Feel like making your own creative Easter basket? check auntpeaches website; beautiful handmade baskets with s step by step explanation on the DIY project.

from {aunt peaches}

For more inspiration on Easter decoration and ideas, easter tipjunkie is the blog to browse!

Happy Easter everyone!!!


6 thoughts on “Easter & lovely decoration…

  1. love the flowers in the egg filled pot…But what about water??? Don’t you think the water would dissolve the paint? Maybe it’s better to use artificial flowers? Love the branches too :)…Guess you will be busy this vacation lol!!

  2. The egg’s under the flowers (roses) look like the marcipan and chocolate. I love them I hope my dad bring’s som on thursday

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