Magic cube or Rubik’s cube

the cube!

The cube invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik in 1974, became one of our favourite pass time back in the 80’s while war was roaring in Beirut. Hours spent trying to brake the code. Adults and children worked hard, and it was fun.

One fortunate day, some kind soul gave me the solution of the magic cube on a printed paper. I started using it and voila, few days later i was cable of resolving the magic Cube in less than 2 minutes! do you remember people removing the stickers to cheat? or even dissemble the whole cube?? 🙂

I have no idea where the solution is now (few years have past!) and I would love to try it  again… i can manage to finish 2, maybe 3 sides of the cubes…but definitely not the entire cube!

Today, my mind exercises with Sudoku and cross words. Sudoku became a passion few years ago, but i never could solve the hard ones, only simple and mid level (my dad can solve them all, but he is an engineer, and loves numbers!)

So, Is this a waste of time?

What do you do to make time pass or just to make your mind exercise a bit?


2 thoughts on “Magic cube or Rubik’s cube

  1. I don’t think puzzles or similar are a waste of time. I never could finish Rubik’s cube but I do enjoy Sudoku and word searches. My middle daughter likes large jigsaw puzzles.

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