faces & symmetries, fubiz

Today I want to share with you a site that is keeping me updated and inspired on the design scene. Amazing the mount of creativity, of crazy projects and ideas, of  people’s ingenuity…

The site is called FUBIZ, and has since 2005 offered videos, photos of latest art, design, product design, technology, graphism, photography, motion, music and more. The site can be viewed in french and english, and its content is submitted by its  many members.

Some inspiration taken from the site:

{hair - fubiz}
{bougainvillias by Irene L - Fubiz}
{a girl and her room - fubiz}

Do you have any great Design site to share?


2 thoughts on “fubiz

    1. Hej dorthea, tak for dine links! jeg er altid glad for at opleve nye websites…haaber alt vel hos dig.. en blog skrives bedst naar du bare skriver noget du selv er glad for… personlige beretninger og smag er altid godt! held og lykke med det.. glaeder mig til at laese det! knus

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